In our firm we have 50 Birel karts fitted out for endurance races and company events. We can hire the karts and lend technical assistance for the races where required on all tracks in Italy and Europe and we also have a mobile workshop for on-track servicing during the races. Our karts are guaranteed by the Birel technology and specific development gained in over 6 years of endurance race activities.
There is an N-35-X identification code on the chassis, which is made of 35mm diameter tubes and fitted with extremely robust pods and spoilers under the structural aspect. Dangerous contacts between the wheels are also considerably limited by these pods. These special qualities make it exceptionally reliable and above all very safe. But the Birel chassis is not only reliable. It is also looks very attractive, thanks to the quality design of the pods and all the accessories. The chassis combines performance and safety to the best and guarantees all the sensations from driving and the reactions of a racing chassis. The karts are fitted with Honda gx270 4 stroke engines, ensuring absolute reliability and excellent performance.
Birel - Endurance karts are capable of enhancing the skills of the most expert pilots, but also guarantee safety for novices. Even the most demanding pilots find them fun but demanding. As the karts have been expressly designed for endurance races, they are distinguished by a few extremely practical qualities for racing. For example the pedal can be adjusted to three different positions: the kart can be adapted to pilots with different heights when changing over pilots with just a simple operation. The seat can also be adapted to the various sizes of the pilots by using special Velcro wedges.

The Birel N 35-X Kart is distinguished by its high-tech components and is ideal both for expert pilots and for novices. The teams can use the spaces at the front and sides for sponsors.

Pilots with different heights can be alternated to drive the same kart by a simple operation on the adjustable pedals, at pilot changeover.
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